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A new approach to cancer management

A first-of-its-kind, cancer-specific, genomics-based insurance policy, designed to provide invaluable resources to patients and their physicians.

Why cancer?

Because detecting cancers at an early stage versus a late stage has a dramatic impact on survivability and associated healthcare costs.

Five-year relative survival for early-stage cancers is 91.1% compared to 30.6% for late-stage cancers.(5)
All cancers are the result of a genetic alteration.
1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.(6)


of people with cancer harbor an important inherited genetic mutation.(1)


of people with an inherited gene mutation are missed using the current testing guidelines.(1)

How is cancer best treated?

By understanding if you inherited any known cancer-causing genes.
And by pairing the specific gene mutations in your cancer with targeted, precision treatments.

An end-to-end solution

All the important stuff in one policy – the most comprehensive cancer insurance product on the market


healthŌme OneHeritable Cancer Risk Screening Test
Clinical-grade testing of 30 different inherited genes known to increase cancer risk. Genetic counseling and action plan if you have an above-average risk of developing cancer.


Precision Cancer Management
Comprehensive genomic profiling with expert medical review culminating in a precision treatment recommendation report for your oncologist. A dedicated oncology nurse navigator will help with health system navigation.


Financial Protection
Cash payouts upon diagnosis to ease the financial burdens a cancer diagnosis often brings.


Cancer Recovery
 DNA-based Recurrence Monitoring (blood-based genetic test), continuing support from your oncology nurse navigator.

Everyone benefits


cancerŌme® enhances and complements your health insurance and provides invaluable cancer resources to optimize treatment plan and recovery.


Incorporating cancerŌme® into your existing critical illness or life insurance policies dramatically increases policyholder value and engagement.


cancerŌme® provides genuine value to your clients and is a strong product differentiator. Enhance your offering with cancerŌme®.