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Improving Life with Omics

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Built To Help Insurance

You’ve probably heard of genomics – but this is only the beginning of a paradigm shift in the way we think about managing health and disease.

While the promise of ōmics is now a reality, access to and navigation of the complex ōmics landscape eludes most people. Your insurance clients need ways to access these life-saving technologies, but integrating an Ōmics solution into an insurance portfolio is a huge undertaking. Keeping up with these technologies and building the supportive networks and ecosystem required to develop and implement innovative insurance products is complicated and costly.

Our white-label products remove the burden of technology assessment, changing standards of care, partnership governance, workflow, and user experience design and managemet.

Proactive genetic disease prevention from day one. Comprehensive disease management through to recovery and beyond with integrated financial protection, accessed and delivered through a thoughtfully designed & intuitive consumer experience.

Our Products Provide

Insurance companies with a quick and cost-effective go-to-market strategy to launch innovative omics-based insurance products.

Policyholders with financial stability and accelerated access to “omics” solutions in an increasingly fragmented & expensive healthcare system.

Improved policyholder engagement and longevity.

For Carriers

Our products provide an easily integrated no/low risk solution to developing innovative insurance solutions that address the increasing demand for “precision insurance”.

  • End-to-end turnkey solutions.
  • Filing support
  • Marketing and positioning support
  • Agent/trainer training
  • Actuarial memorandums for rate filings
  • Renewal strategy, block considerations and case level actions
  • Underwriting guidelines and exceptions
  • Complex case management support
  • Strategy development support
  • Utilization and impact reports
  • Insulation from genetic data to enhance consumer trust

For Policyholders

Our products provide 1-1 dedicated health navigation and access to services and resources that drive engagement, and better Integrated digital user experience

  • Dedicated [carrier specific] policyholder information/support line
  • Highest level of security – Data security authenticated portal to order and manage genetic tests
  • Triennial testing for life
  • Data sharing facility (share genetic data with PCP or family etc.)
  • Peace of mind (we do not sell or monetize your policyholder’s data)
  • Ōmics literacy library (improving genetic literacy will drive improved health management)