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Expensive and complex made affordable  and  simple

We realized that life insurance companies are aligned with our goal to help you live longer and healthier lives. So we partnered with them and turned our products into policies.

Welcome to healthŌme® a first-of-its-kind genomics-based, health management company

Our products enable insurance companies to create engaging, high-value, health management life and critical illness insurance policies.

Our formula for navigating cancer using precision science
Genomics Powered Health Testing
  • Hereditary risk screening to aid in early detection.
  • Post-diagnostic genomic testing to provide crucial treatment guidance.
  • DNA-based Recurrence Monitoring and support to detect recurrence early.
Personalized Support
  • 1:1 Genetic Counseling to make sense of test results and develop a personalized risk management plan.
  • Dedicated Oncology Nurse Navigator to guide you through your cancer journey and facilitate your post-diagnostic testing.
Financial Protection

Multiple cash payouts to reduce the financial pressures of a cancer diagnosis and avoid the Cancer-Related Financial Toxicity (CRFT) that 73% of adult cancer patients will experience.

We are 100% focused on member experience

Our clients are insurance companies (they embed our products into their policies). Their policyholders are our members. Don’t tell insurance companies, but members are our favorite!

Day-1 Access To Genetic Testing & Support Services

Heritable cancer risk screening and genetic counselor provided cancer risk management plans if you have any increased risk of cancer.

Secure User Portal

Order genetic testing, access educational content, view, and download test results from a secure platform. You have complete control of your personal and genetic information.

Educational Content

Clear and concise educational content to help you understand what makes you, you. Using this information can mean a longer, healthier life.

Personalized Genetic Counseling & Nurse Advocate Support

Experts to provide you with personalized genetic counseling and Oncology Nurse Navigators to guide you to optimal health.

See how our first product, cancerŌme® is changing cancer management.