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Everything you need to  protect  yourself from cancer

Plus, no co-pays, no deductibles, just peace of mind that you’re in good hands.

Proactive Cancer Screening

Start by ordering your at-home genetic screening through your portal. This test is called “healthŌme® One™” and it was developed to help you understand your inherited risk of cancer.
It’s super convenient and totally painless.

Step 1

Answer a few simple questions

Step 2

Receive a test kit box in the mail

Step 3

Swab your cheek and return the kit in the prepaid envelope

Step 4

Receive your results in a couple of weeks

Step 5

Speak with a genetic counselor (if you have an increased risk)

Approx 95% of the population has a genetic variant that results in at least one prescription medication being metabolized incorrectly.(7)
If you’re diagnosed with cancer you’re in good hands

After informing your insurance carrier and making your claim, the healthŌme® team will contact you to start your precision cancer management journey.

Oncology Nurse Advocate

Oncology Nurse Navigator assigned to your case to facilitate the execution of your policy services

Genetic Tumor Testing

Molecular diagnostic testing to evaluate the genetic profile of your specific cancer and optimize your treatment

Clinical Trial Identification

Clinical trial identification, evaluation and enrollment to ensure you get the optimal treatment for your cancer

Expert Medical Review

Diagnosis and treatment review by precision medicine expert to clarify diagnosis and treatment plan

Precision Treatment Recommendation Report

Concise and actionable report for you and your oncologist detailing treatment recommendations and next steps

Recurrence Monitoring

DNA-based Recurrence Monitoring detects returning cancer early by tracking tiny traces of cancer in the blood

Cash Payout #1

Lump sum cash payout options to help avoid the financial hardship a cancer diagnosis often brings

Cash Payout #2

Lump sum cash payout options to help avoid the financial hardship a cancer diagnosis often brings

Cash Payout #3

Lump sum cash payout options to help avoid the financial hardship a cancer diagnosis often brings

Education and Empowerment

Our partners at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology help you learn about the importance of genomic health management.

Trust us.
We know how important data security and privacy is, and we operate to the highest standards to ensure your information is never compromised. We don’t sell your data, and we don’t share it with anyone – not even your insurance company.
The old policyholder experience

  Limited product value beyond financial protection
  Limited access to innovative health services
  No health system navigation or support when you need it most
  No “insider” advocating for your health and disease recovery
  No ability to influence health outcomes

The cancerŌme® powered policyholder experience

Invaluable “assurance” that makes a difference to your health and life
Access to otherwise expensive genomics-based health innovation technologies not covered by health insurers
Peace of mind that if you’re diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, you’ll have an ‘insider’ who understands the system advocating for you

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