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Reinforce your brand’s commitment to innovation and value

Precision medicine and Ōmics-based health management provides an unprecedented opportunity to improve policyholder engagement, persistency, and mortality rates. We can reduce your pipeline development costs and dramatically increase your ability to launch new and innovative products.

Your Product


cancerŌme® is the world’s first co-branded omics-based insurance product designed to be added as a rider to an existing critical illness or life policy or as a new stand-alone disease-specific policy.
So much more than financial coverage

Our products are sold by insurance companies as a rider to an existing critical illness or life policy or as a new stand-alone disease-specific policy. As well as the standard financial protection included in these types of policies, a healthŌme® powered policy also includes:

Proactive Health Management

•  Hereditary Cancer Risk Screening Test
•  Genetic Counseling with Action Plan
•  Pharmacogenomic Drug Response Test
•  Personalized Medication Safety Plan
•  Educational Content
•  Periodic Review of New Genetic Data

Precision Cancer Management

• 1:1 Oncology Nurse Navigation
• Expert Medical Review
• Genetic Tumor Testing
• Precision Treatment Report
• Clinical Trial Identification/Enrollment
• Virtual Tumor Board

Survivorship & Recovery

• DNA-based Recurrence Monitoring
• Support to Detect Recurrence Early
• Continued Oncology Nurse Navigation
• Continued Wellness Support
• Educational Content

Putting your team on a path to success

With over 70 years of insurance experience, we know what it takes to successfully get a new product to market. Our aim is to make the process as simple and cost-effective for you as possible.

  • Policy wording and filing support
  • Marketing and positioning support
  • Agent and train the trainer support
  • Actuarial memorandum and rate filings
  • Underwriting guidelines and exceptions
  • Strategy development support
  • Utilization and impact reports
  • Implementation playbook
The old carrier product development experience

Limited product differentiation options
Huge barriers to entry in the genomics and precision medicine product space
Limited and slow product innovation
No influence on health outcomes
Difficult to gain new customers or enter new markets

The cancerŌme powered product development experience

Turnkey genomics-based product offering
High value-add product and service features
Strong differentiating characteristics
Rapid [low-risk] product innovation
Potential to improve health outcomes and mortality
Simplified access to new markets and new customers

Want to learn more about launching your own version of cancerŌme?

Our experienced team will be delighted to discuss how cancerŌme could be incorporated into your product portfolio. Also, join our mailing list to receive omics-based insurance and product innovation updates.