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Provide high-value practical
benefits for your customers

healthŌme® powered products provide an unprecedented opportunity to engage with your customers on a new level. You’ll experience a new sense of connection and purpose when they tell you the insurance policy you sold them saved their life.

5 reasons you should offer cancerŌme®

cancerŌme® is a new type of insurance providing unprecedented value in the fight against cancer.


Help your clients access potentially life-saving treatment.


Differentiate your offering with this unique, first-of-its-kind Life Assurance product.


Long-term client engagement with day one benefits and continually updated resources.


Competitive compensation.


Best-in-class training and support.

Putting your team on a path to success

With over 70 years of insurance experience, we know what it takes to successfully get a new product to market. Our aim is to make the process as simple and cost-effective for you as possible.

The old agent experience

✗  Minimal policyholder engagement
Conventional training
  Few differentiating characteristics
  Commoditized product offering
  No influence on health outcomes
  Limited product value beyond financial protection

The cancerŌme® agent experience

  Strong, long-term policyholder engagement
  Access to innovative training and support resources
  Strong differentiating product characteristics
  Rapid product innovation with cross and upsell opportunities
  Potential to improve health outcomes and mortality

Want to learn more about offering cancerŌme® to your customer base?

Our experienced team will be delighted to discuss how cancerŌme® could be incorporated into your product portfolio. Also, join our mailing list to receive omics-based insurance and product innovation updates.